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as for the Gish bonus cd—

01. Starla (2011 mix) -> great new mix, loads of definition, great clarity. Remixed by Kerry Brown and Bjorn Thorsrud.

02. Siva (Peel Sessions) -> the infamous monster version… :) no remixing.

03. Honeyspider (2011 mix) -> great new mix, very well balanced… remixed by Howard Willing.

04. Hippy Trippy -> a nice little demo for Crush, mixed by Howard Willing.

05. Snail -> live at VPRO Radio, The Netherlands on 920115; very LOUD!!!! no remixing?! :) INSANE SOUND PRESSURE LEVELS :) much better quality than the recording found on MP!!!

06. Plume (2011 mix) -> great new mix, loads of definition, massive bass!, remixed by Kerry Brown.

07. Bury Me (2011 mix) -> stunning new mix with superb bass sound! stellar drums too… very tight and choppy in the powerchord part, mixed by Howard Willing.

08. Daydream (old house demo) -> extreme amounts of flanger and echo on voice and guitar, very chimy and dreamlike whispered…, mixed by Howard Willing.

09. Tristessa (single version, 2011 mix) -> ‘we’re ready\" plus countdown by JC at the start!!!, beefed up the bottom end, turned down the treble; sound massive, remixed by Butch Vig.

10. Girl Named Sandoz (Peel Sessions) -> groovy as always…, no remixing.

11. Jesus is the Sun -> apartment demo from 1990… same as on MP I think…, mixed by Howard Willing.

12. Blue (gish sessions demo) -> the acoustic demo, the one NOT on PI…; the one with the bongos; the same as on MP I think… very nice and mellow and understated…, no remixing.

13. Smiley (gish sessions demo) -> seems to be from the same session as the Blue take…. bongos and all, very slow and hushed… same as on MP I think…, no remixing.

14. I Am One (2011 mix) -> the Reall Time Studios version… beefed up and slightly dirtier in the distorted guitar, overall a little bit muddy maybe even, less clear and sparkling than the released version on the demo tape and Limited Potential single… I tend to like the original mix better…,remixed by Howard Willing.

15. Seam (Suffer / apartment demo) -> very trippy and hippy version with cool bongos and heavy bass drum sound… chimy and a nice tambourine… plus some very spacy sounds/samples even… far out…! :) on Gish the song seems to fade away in the shade between the massive songs, but on its own in this version it’s very very nice, really cool and very well sung vocals!, mixed by Howard Willing…

16. La Dolly Vita (2011 mix) -> the original mix already was a stellar job, not that much going on here in the new mix, apart from the guitars being a bit more hippy and reverby/echolike in the opening half… , remixed by Butch Vig.

17. Pulseczar -> the version found on Earphoria, no remixing. why this is included? no idea… there’s loads more of goodies, but hey, with so much nice stuff going on, it’s just BCs humour i guess, just like Spaced at the end of PI…

18. Drown (alt. guitar solo) -> recorded at Smart Studios with Butch Vig, NOT the one from either the Waterfront Studios or the one played on the Kink FM Radio show ‘The Night of The Smashing Pumpkins’.


edit on the SD bonus cd:

STP and Moleasskiss don’t seem to be the same takes as found on MP…

both re-issues mastered by:
Erven Göknar at Capitol (and on SD bonus tr 15 + 17 by Bob Ludwig at Gateway).
so they didn’t go with the trusted all time mastering by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk this time…!