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not a lot of CDs, but here’s a quick list off the top of my head:

adrenaline promo CD (pretitled – album not named yet)
adrenaline promo CD regular
adrenaline promo vinyl
white pony promo double vinyl
eponymous vinyl
koi no yokan #d vinyl
live recording vinyl #1
7 words 7\" blue promo
7 words 7\" gray promo
my own summer (shove it) 7\"
be quiet and drive 7\"
minerva 7\"
hexagram 7\"
rocket skates 7\"
leathers/rosemary promo cassette
teething cassette
early demo from ’92 sent to virgin records who didn’t sign them :lol: :roll:
cat screaming poster
other rare concert posters
poster with chino screaming (looks almost holographic)

so i guess, kind of a lot!

in my time of dying