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Uh-oh, here I go. :lol:

I’m sure that as a band, SPs will always see songs and merchandise are accessible to paying fans. I disagree with the way it’s becoming tougher to ‘keep up’ with releases though. The Target-only Zeitgeist was a real pain in the arse for me; until a friend grabbed one from eBay on my behalf, phew. He even had trouble when visiting the Stores themselves, apparently their stock’s quite sloppy these days?

I wasn’t planning on being caught in the Zeitgeist Release Trap, then as time passed; I wanted the track of this name on a ‘proper’ release. I refuse to enter iTunes territory, although I can see it becoming necessary in the distant future whether I like it or not. I succumbed to 7digital, after all. :?

As Arthur’s sentiment above touches on, people will do what they can to obtain something they want, we usually give in and the band know we’re likely to eventually. Indeed it can be quite fun – the thrill of the chase – although I’ll say that it’s not for me any more. I just want to order something, pay, then wait for its delivery. I won’t pay Shop/Store prices on principle any more, so I’m forced to order online.

Back on-course: Now Label-free, they’re not so concerned with money, simply because they’ve made it over the years already. If someone thought Corgan worries about the bills Mr Mailman (or Woman) delivers, chances are they’d be completely wrong. He makes money as anybody would, it’s however not a concern. Financially, the game’s up for SPs, they don’t -really- need to consider what they make, moreso what’s spent out now. Maybe that’s too sweeping a statement, you see what I mean though… Perhaps Jeff or Ginger would argue the point regarding money. I wonder how they’re paid band-wise, contracted, etc.

Sadly, I can see vinyl being out-phased quite soon in industry terms (by the SPs at least), if it isn’t already. CDs will last longer, yet to save $Millions, digital-only would likely be a necessary evil. It’s well on its way now in the Entertainment Industry.

I’ve spoken to a few contacts in the music industry recently who have made interesting comments at times. One being, In-House Promos are even in danger of lower production. Secure servers transmit data between people, leaving tangible media as an unnecessary risk. If I wanted to give my ex g/f Paz a CD \"for her eyes only,\" I’d rather an encrypted file sent, than a disc that could end up who-knows-where.

Billy Corgan will never cease to amaze me, he’s so far ahead of the music game and probably always was. David Bowie also springs to mind, ironic they’re good friends.

I’m feeling that Mr C’s trying his best to be more approachable and available to fans, the upcoming DVD set as an obvious example. He’s doing what he can for us, so to speak.

Wonder how the next album will be released: Hopefully everything on one CD that you can pick up and admire, rather than a sterile file from a website. This or chasing around the globe for an elusive disc that should be easily grabbable by all.

My physical collecting days are pretty much over, so really for myself, I’d just be happy having all releases available to my ears in some form.

Sorry for the waffle, I swallowed a handful of Philosophy Pills recently.

Very interesting times ahead, yet more sterile and distanced, maybe.

As ever, rawk awn to Billy & Co., even if you push loyalty limits indirectly at times! I’ve come so close to selling Virgin items, as opposed to just swallowing my pride and being grateful for the items themselves.

Not to off-track the thread (hope I haven’t already), here’s a little food for thought: Little Dickie Birds suggested that D’Arcy and James are more friendly towards Billy than is usually felt or known. Do you really believe they all despise each other, when the crunch comes on down? I’ll stick my ‘lil neck on the block to say they were in cohorts with Corgan as regards the sueing, that they all agreed on how this scenario went down and the future’s still quite uncertain. Sure, there’s the crap about the -hopeful- Gish boxset and so on, but read between the lines at times, I’m conveying. :)

:) :D