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no- never seen a copy.

depends on the provenance of the info mentioned…

the ‘GISH’ gold disc was disputed for a very long time too, for example.

and: to make matters even worse, to some extent that is: … scog_id=32
this release was mentioned pretty early on, with a lot of rumours and all…
sketchy information was all to go on then.
several dedicated die-hard collectors (including yours truly!) went about and researched their asses off to find out this in fact was indeed a genuine artefact/release! finally also confirmed by the band.
still: we’ve never ever seen a single copy of this box anywhere.
the band doesn’t have one and even going through the paces with the record stores and people who used to work there (yes, I went as far as searching out ex-employees and cold-calling them!) nothing…

for me, personally…
OK: i own the demo tapes and some quite cool and unique items…
THIS… this: … scog_id=32
would in fact be one of the most desired and therefore valuable items out there for TSP.

having said this…
personally most highly valued items, as of yet not included in my collection, that is:
– a true copy of the Mashed Potatoes sets-
– a copy of MII-
– this box set…!!!—

and: this box set even ranks the highest to me as a collector!!!
it’s just the aspect of the infamous lore and rumours and all and the fact no one has ever seen one and all…

i’ve held MII in my very own hands.
i can listen to Mashed Potatoes.
i have the tape featuring the very first ever TSP song.

MII > we all have heard now.
MII > having seen and held and felt the genuine thing… plus: we all have heard it now…
MII > surely!: i’d be over the moon of moons to own a genuine copy of this set. and i’m working on getting one from the moment of release, even. not by paying tens of thousands of dollars, not by trying to pry one from one of the people given a set… :)

MP > we all have heard now.
MP > BC told me there was no ‘box set’ ever in the first place; just some cds for the band and close-ones…
MP > BC’s copy, later, for DA, might in fact be just like the initial one(s)…

I Fall > we all have heard now.
I Fall > according to BC’s own account of things, this is the very first recorded instance of a TSP-song.
I Fall > BC himself did in fact no longer have this in his archive.
on a related note:
BC didn’t have an alternate studio take of Drown either!!!
this i presented to him during the 2000 tour, backstage and at a following show, JC and BC had checked out the recording and couldn’t pin-point the exact moment of recording themselves, still: they were quite sure, they themselves didn’t have same-said version…
I Fall > the actual cassette tape featuring this song is my most precious of items in my collection; the one to cap things off, the MAJOR cherry on top of the whipped cream on top of the cake, so to speak…


this box set thing has eluded me and with me several truely dedicated collectors and researchers for years and years and years.
this box set is genuine and verified and all.
though: no pictures present!!!
as a researching collector, this bugs me.

this box is my most wanted item…!
even just a picture of it!… :)

while on topic:

what’s YOUR personal MOST WANTED collecting item???