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Where did you find that info? Funny… could be a typo, as Purr Snickety is a Siamese Dream recordings demo, from the period December 1992 – March 1993.

Find more info here: … 2&locid=17

Note that we also think an early demo for Bullet With Butterfly Wings was recorded here… :wink:

That is based on an interview Billy Corgan gave in Guitar World.

\"Believe it or not, the original riff from this song came to me during one of the Siamese Dream recording sessions. Somewhere, I have a tape of us from 1993 endlessly playing the ‘world is a vampire’ part over and over. But it wasn’t until a year and a half later that I finished the song, writing the ‘rat in the cage’ part on an acoustic guitar at the BBC studios in London on the same day that ‘Landslide’ was recorded.\" -BC (Guitar World 1/97)\".

Anyway, I’m derailing. Hope you got your answer, Woody! :lol:

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."