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I found some info about this, it was leaked November 2005 by Syco54645 (Mod of aka Frank Claycomb), this info comes from ( … p?p=183456 , only visible for members which I happen to be 8) ):

\"The Smashing Pumpkins – The Psycho Video aka \"25 Songs O Pumpkins\"

Source: Vhs 2nd or 3rd gen (best guess)
TV system: (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sys Bitrate: 5062 kb/s VBR (before dvd authoring)

Source: Varies
Audio Coding mode: PCM Wav
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Bitrate: 384 kb/s (before dvd authoring)

1 I’m Free (Live 89 @ unknown Metro show #1)
2 She (Live 88 @ unknown club)
3 Geraldo interviewing Charles Manson
4 The Crystal Ship (Live 89 @ unknown Metro show #2)
5 Sun (Live 89 @ unknown Metro show #2)
6 Spiteface (Live 89 @ unknown Metro show #2)
7 Venus In Furs (Live 89 @ unknown Metro show #3)
8 Billy & Bob English in the crowd @ Geraldo’s show
9 My Dahlia (89 rehearsal)
10 My Eternity (1988.11.19 on The Pulse)
11 Rhinoceros (Live 90 @ unknown club)
12 East (Live 90 @ unknown club)
13 I Am One (Live 90 @ unknown club)
14 I Am My End (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
15 Rhinoceros (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
16 Ball And Chain (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
17 Bury Me (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
18 Try To Try (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
19 Jennifer Ever (88 soundcheck)
20 There It Goes (88 soundcheck)
21 Oui Henri (Live 88 @ unknown club) *cut after 20 seconds*
22 Nothing And Everything (Live 88 @ unknown club)
23 Salt (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
24 Lie I Lie (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
25 Razor (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
26 Love (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
27 C’mon (Live 1989.10.31 @ Metro)
28 The Marked – Scary Neurotic Song (Promo video)
29 The Marked – The Trance (Promo video)
30 Geraldo interviewing unknown serial killer \"Joe\"

Menu info:
Well, this is the first menu that i have made for a dvd, so don’t be too critical. There are some errors in the menu (the select chapter page appears to pick a random chapter to select, but this doesn’t affect the playing). The menu was rendered with the trial version of dvd-lab pro.

Video info:
Yes this could have been released as just a divx (the video is kinda blocky), but i received it as a dvd, so i kept it as such. The video stream was also very tricky to work with, it was aparently damaged on the disc so i had to reencode it. The video bitrate was the same and i didn’t touch the audio at all.

Source info:
As i said, the source of this is unknown. The person i got it from wants to remain anonymous as well. From the looks of the quality, it is a high gen tape (but very watchable).

Alt Sources:
Yes i have done research and found out that there is a 2 disc version of The Psycho Tape out there. It contains no additional footage, it is just higher quality. As i doubt i will ever get that version, this one will have to do for now.

Release Info:
Well here it is, the infamous \"Psycho Tape\" in all its glory. I really hope that you guys all like it as i worked hard on getting this out (i am really sick of watching it now too… thanks!!!).


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