Reply To: Message From Billy on the Subscription Model

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

that’s quite lame. billy shouldn’t let posts by complainers influence him and his plans. basically, with the subscription thing, either you are interested and agree that $40 is a fair price, and then you sign up. in all other cases (not interested, convinced that it’s too expensive, or that it should be free, whatever), you don’t sign up.

the complainers are the people who wouldn’t sign up anyway. i don’t see how this should have an effect on the people that were interested.

i myself was still thinking about it. i wasn’t sure if i was interested enough. ($40 seemed fair.)

i think it’s funny how billy is giving it in the hands of the community now: give me 6,000 people or i’ll put it in the archive straight away. he’s a badass mofo. (but has he forgotten that he is about to open the archive for everyone? ha!)