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i don’t think it made people mad, but it did shame some, *cough cough*. no one over at the oboard was mad, just upset that some may have ruined it for all those who want this to happen.

i for one signed up, and was ready to pay a decent amount, under 50 dollars, and i would have gotten the money somewhere. $20 is easier for me to get. so i will be getting my twenty and having it ready. if on the chance i get more money i would be willing to help pay for someone who can’t afford it, as i know there are people who can’t. not saying that i can help, but will try.

i am having another yard sale this weekend. so anyone in southeastern ky come by my yard sale and buy something.

i have an awesome rad bicycle, an occ one, that my step son never rode and is now to big for, someone wants it i know.

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