Reply To: What really happened between the pumpkins in their break up?

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I think most of it is clear.

If we can believe Billy, D’arcy was fired, because they could no longer count on her. In the beginning, they said she left the band, possibly to protect her. But maybe it’s a little bit of both. This is vague, but it seems that it was messy, so I understand that nobody feels like giving all the details.

James wanted to leave the Pumpkins. And that was basically it. Billy (and Jimmy?) decided that they could not continue the band without James, so they were going to break up. And James agreed to stay until the end, instead of leaving right away.
Now deciding who’s to blame for the breakup is rather useless. If Billy says it’s James’ fault, one can understand that: if James hadn’t decided to leave, they probably would have continued. But when James says that Billy is the one who made the decision, he’s also right: James only decided to leave, he didn’t say they should break up, Billy made that decision.
(Would anyone have preferred it if James stayed part of a band he no longer wanted to be in?)

Somewhere I’d love to know every little detail about it. Their relationships, what was said when, bring on the documentary already!
But I don’t really need to. I believe the above is basically how it went, and I don’t demand to know more. This wasn’t the nicest episode in the life of the Pumpkins, so I respect it if they want to keep most of it to themselves. It’s also nice of them, I think, that they didn’t bring the mud slinging to a peak. Billy said some things that shocked, but if you put it into perspective, it wasn’t all that bad. Probably just (a part of) the truth.