Reply To: What really happened between the pumpkins in their break up?

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I would think it would be hard to speak up about what really happened. Who would it benefit? No one really. Especially now. If D’arcy got fired by Billy, then I am sure there was a legitimate reason for it. He has said something along the lines of, she was the moral authority in the band…and if that’s how he thought of her, something happened for him to fire her. If she left then maybe she just didn’t want to be in the band anymore. As for James, well nice to know he stayed, but if his heart wasn’t into the band, I don’t blame him for leaving. Why on earth would we want that for an artist? If James were to have stayed and the band kept rolling don’t you think they would be less desirable in the fact of James not giving his ‘all’ to the band that he wasn’t into anymore? Kinda like people who stay in their jobs that they hate and chose not to perform as efficiently as they know they could. Happiness makes yourself perform better.