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Sniffle time. :wink: I thought answering here was better than starting a thread…

At the end of the day, this site’s probably the best all-round for SP and the fans. :)

That’s not to say it’s \"better\" than any other sites (how’s that for confusion!), but there’s a spirit here that keeps the place in your heart. 8) Unforgettable.

Sobby moments to follow, meant from the bottom of my cholesterol-ridden heart: It’s been a rough 2008 and hanging out here has really helped me more than you’d know.

Since having a ‘Net connection, this is the only SP forum of its kind I’ve ever seen, plus where I’ve been treated with respect. Having had the short Webmaster time, Arthur gave me access to a truly amazing site, I was and am in awe of the work that’s gone into this place.

manillascissor, for myself I can say, \"You’re welcome\" and I’m sure that’s the sentiment of all members.

The band’s well and truly back now, so for me I’m just glad to be here whenever and having done what I can to throw some goodies into the mix. It’s all out of Pumpkin love. :D

Thank you from me to everybody who’s ever here. Until now, I’ve been a very underground follower of the band, on being invited here I was put in a Goldfish bowl, hehe. :wink:

Aaanyway, enough waffling from me, I just wanted to show some gratitude.

Nachtkabarett, good luck with the work and there seems to be a little magic there also, keep it up!

Farewell and goodnight.