Reply To: Do you care about these temporary Pumpkins’ solo careers?

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I’ll be following James Iha’s and Auf der Maur’s career mostly, along with Billy Corgan (surprisingly!) – unlikely anybody else for the long haul.


Iha’s always very underrated and an excellent Guitarist: Singer, no, but let him loose and there’s no stopping the guy. On reading the LICD press kit, I was impressed with his angle on things. Freakily, I play LICD equally to Pumpkin’s stuff.

Auf der Maur was great when playing in London with the Pumpkins. Although I feel her lyrics could have been better in the past, OOOM’s shaped up really well in comparison and there’s something irresistable about following along.

Hmm, that’s about it really, not so much as five years back… Where then I’d have wanted to buy anything and everything that was even remotely SP-related.

As Arthur suggests, m, definitely hear more live stuff if possible too. It goes without saying that thirty Rockets side-by-side can be very intriguing. :D :)