Reply To: Do you care about these temporary Pumpkins’ solo careers?

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On Sven wrote:

for me-

> the first MADM album rocked and still rocks to me, live it was very cool too!!!

> the second MADM project will blow your mind, saw it live and it wasn’t there YET… but the whole concept is very daring, out there, complex and arty and totally cool…!

> the Iha album was sunshiney very much so ok I thought.

> the JCC record was ok and cool, live it was awesome to witness!

> BC solo and TFE; the record was so-so to me, live it was pretty decent to good…

> Zwan was awesome before the record came about; then it went downhill, the show I saw in Hamburg was pretty decent, from then on it was decline all the way…

then again-

to me > TSP = BC with inspired partners…
therefore pretty much > TSP = BC + JC
however > you never know what he’s recording know so that might just blow my mind/our minds…