Reply To: Do you care about these temporary Pumpkins’ solo careers?

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yes, listen to live stuff. i also think of it as a sort of rediscovery as so many of those songs take on an awesome form live that’s different from the album versions.

and on the subject of solo albums and what not i will agree some are crap, but some are definitely worth listening to.

i personally didn’t like Zwan. it felt a bit Jesus camp and i don’t do Jesus camp.

LICD is one of the signs of the apocalypse. when i put it on the first few seconds made my ears bleed. i took it out and have never listened to it since.

i don’t mind TFE. it has some great songs and some not so great songs. i do hope the new stuff isn’t that way though. i hope its more Adore or more rock. and i don’t think Adore was so much a fluke. he is Billy Corgan.

now on to JCC- i love that album! it might not be rock exactly, more jazz i suppose. give it a try though, because it is actually pretty damn good. i like to listen to it a lot. its great for something to pop in if you want something quieter (not rock/ metal) and you want something with a nice vibe to just listen to on some lazy day or if your working or reading or whatever. its a good album.

and Melissa’s solo work also kicks a lot of ass. in fact her stuff is probably better than the rest in some respect. she is pretty talented and definitely worth a listen. her new 3 song single/ EP? is great and so was her album. good stuff.

as for the tour bitches- i really don’t care to hear their solo work. i just don’t.