Reply To: Do you care about these temporary Pumpkins’ solo careers?

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On Cool As Ice Cream wrote:

i’m not going to like something because it’s related to the smashing pumpkins somehow.

sometimes i will check things out because i heard about it via the smashing pumpkins (because there’s a link), but i check out a lot of things quite randomly, so any reason is a good reason. and the link to sp isn’t always the only reason i check things out. sometimes someone recommended me something. anyway, that’s just checking stuff out. if i like it, i like it. if not, bad luck.

things linked to sp i’ve enjoyed: auf der maur, superwolf (bonnie prince billy with matt sweeney), jimmy chamberlin complex, billy corgan, james iha and zwan too.
also, slint (with david pajo), but that’s a lot older than zwan.

on the other hand, some things don’t interest me at all, no matter who’s involved. i never read any of billy corgan’s poems, or bought that blinking with fists book. and i’m not sure if i’ll ever check out tinted windows. maybe one day.