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i like jazz, so i’ll give lisa’s forthcoming album a listen. the JCC album was kick ass. i’ll listen to anything jimmy puts out. he’s an awesome drummer. i love complicated shit. im glad matt walker isn’t in the studio with them right now. he’s a sick drummer, but i dont like his style. never heard what MADM sounds like. probably never will. i liked TFE. i thought it was interesting and expiramental. i thought zwan was kinda boring. i was bummed to hear that the bassist from that ”phsycodelic\" band was jammimg with billy. don’t get me wrong, that sounds very promising, but i was hopeful jeff and ginger would be in on the writing process, not just the live performances. i knew that was a long shot. looks like the new songs, or at least some of them, are gonna be mellowed out. there wasn’t an electric giutar in sight in that new studio shot. my mission is to find that house/studio they’re in in LA so i can hear what the music sounds like. i have a feeling jeff will be back for the next tour. he’s too good and he knows a large portion of the pumpkins catalog. so why not bring him back for the next tour? who know’s about ginger’s return. congrats to her. i don’t know what my point was when i started this. im done.

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