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I am currently on a plane going to Chicago from my small town in California called Los Angeles. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, although it has been very busy around here, we have not lacked in good times and adventure.

This European tour was a lot different than the first. We had a lot more time to explore and meet up with old friends. Reading was particularly fun for me as I ran into a lot of my friends who were playing, too. I got to see my friends in the Cold War Kids, Funeral for a Friend and the Used. I also ran into my friend Aaron, who informed me that he has been playing in NIN for the passed few years, who knew!?

Our show that night was so fun, probably one of our favorites so far. The crowd was amazing and there was a lot of energy on stage. I went to Reading as a fan a few years ago and it was awesome to experience the festival with my friends. Going back this time as the headliner was surreal, to say the least. I definitely don’t take that for granted.

Our next stop was Greece, where as you may have heard, there was a national disaster. There were horrible fires throughout the entire country and over 50 people died. We were booked to perform in Athens and still arrived, when we found out that the show was cancelled due to the fires. We all feel very sorry for the devastation and loss of those who were affected by the fires. We are also sad to have not been able to perform, but we hope to be able to come back someday.

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