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I will have to keep watching it because I didn’t catch Strawberry in the video (thanks Satur999 for pointing that out). I didn’t know Paris Hilton was in it, so I’ll keep an eye out for her — not surprised that she’d be in a video of theirs, especially after Billy explained why they chose her as an image of being famous today.

I thought Billy was flying a helicopter at first. It was a decent video but kinda confusing, although I liked it because you get to see Ginger, Jeff, and Lisa. I would have probably gotten more of it if it didn’t shift images so quickly but then again maybe it’s my old eyes that aren’t quick enough to keep up. :wink:

I hate to even mention this but does anyone think the woman on the floor at the end is Veronica Grey? I couldn’t say yes or no.

I wonder who shot the video. I got an email from Kristin Burns and she said she was in Greece w/ the Pumpkins. I wish that MTV still played videos cuz they always listed the producer.