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I have to agree MTV,has went way down the hill and not even worth the time of day actually.

I’m just really confused that ginger was in a blond wig.Maybe Billy’s trying to make a point to D’arcy.Wasn’t it him that was Quoted she is *mean spirited*I don’t know, maybe a point here to try to reach D’arcy in this, only Billy’s does know.It WOULD be totally awesome, if they ended their closing tour date in Chicago with all the original members in the line up,that would totally like rock & pwn all things!!:lol:

But this video has a walking shade & tonight tonight feel to me.Love this vid was done in classic b&w.There something about the feel of b&w and SP.I do say this vid ,did jump around in it meaning and has a few points made in it.It was just really randomly showing different stuff at times,but of course to a greater meaning,as always with the pumpkins.I look forward in hearing Billy explaining this vid in more detail.The mind wonders with possibilities here!!:lol:

PS:The women it the video at the end could be Veronic Grey’s twin :lol:

screen shot of women in vid