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Since we’re talking about sad poems…this isn’t exactly a poem, more like…I have no idea o_o.

Butterflies tap my windowpane
Their crystal wings shimmering with light
My eyes, half closed, I sway with the sound
Of the cherished scene, purposely bright.
The walls that trap me shiver
Like autumn leaves ready to fall
That small sight of bliss closes, withers
As darkness encloses me with a final swap.
As blind as true love, is such beauty within
Impossible to notice unless once slaughtered
As once pure, as gelid, like the breast of a dove
After the sin commited leaves its crimson matter.
Seconds and hours loose all of their charm
My insides don’t long for just every-day time
One always wants what one should never have
The forbidden is sweet, but freedom it lacks.
And what is such word, nowadays, for myself?
The meaning is buried under covers of shame
Yet through such glorious shards, glitters calling me outside
I see what I could’ve had, if only I had seen it the first time.

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