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okay this thing needs to stop…

she shouldn’t even be talked about anymore, because we are just feeding the beast even more..

We all know she ain’t married to him…first of all there aren’t any pix of them together, I mean she does make 1,000 webpages devoting their marriage i.e. youtube, myspace, imdb, AND NO pictures?!??!

billy has stated numerous times at concerts that he’s single, and even stated in clear that he doesn’t have a wife, he’s looking for a \"fine woman\".. yadda yadda

With this new myspace page she doesn’t billy as friend or any other of billy’s personal friends, which shows something…

Do you really think billy would marry someone who states such personal detail about their relationship on the internet, when billy is very private about his love life? This shows how all these webpages she makes, feeds into her fantasy and adds to her story.. Lemme see, how many websites did Yelena make when they were together?? hmmmmm..

isn’t this proof enough?? she even makes excuses for her story to make sense, like happily married men don’t have to wear a wedding ring…to make reality fit to her story (billy aint wearing a ring)

and WTF is her obession with David Cronenberg?? He’d better watch out as well.

I shouldn’t even have said even that much…because it’s just more attention… this really should be the end of this topic…