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That’s what I thought as she talks about having Thanksgiving w/ Jimmy and his wife. I wonder what they all saw in her to begin with? If she is as wrapped up with herself as she is now, I can’t see them thinking much of her. She truly seems to suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.


Just in case we have people who skim posts.

Thanks again, Ladyn. I’m intrigued how well you know them but respect your privacy. Thanks for sharing what you do. . it is really cool to have you here.

I really don’t know much, I use to know a little since I use to be friends with people who knew the band, I really had no ins with the band personally. This was all back in the zwan days. I knew the gossip about zwan, but it’s been three years and I really don’t know anything now, I’ve lost touch with a couple of people, one of them who is good friends with strawberry.

When I knew fysche, she was a really sweet person, so I could see why band members were interested in her and became friends with her. She was a tad \"off\" too, did weird things. She is smart too, you can hold an intellegent conversation with her, but I did spend time with her at concerts and even outside of zwan/sp. I haven’t talked to her in a long time (about 3-4 years), I really wasn’t best friends with her, so I didn’t know her too well. Even if I did keep some sort of friendship with her to this day, she probably would feed me this same wedding story as she is doing with everybody else.

and I do remember that thanksgiving dinner she had with jimmy back in 2001 when zwan was playiing in los angeles, that was before I knew her personally.