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Thanks for posting that video; that was from the Oct 21st show. He also mentioned something similar during the Ohio and Massachusetts shows. There is a possibility he could be lying but I doubt it. BC isn’t a celebrity that the paparazzi keep tabs on (and even the majority of his fans don’t really know much about him) so I don’t see any reason for him to hide (especially since he himself is the one volunteering all of this information).

Here’s the audio from the Oct.21st show in full (the banter is at the end of the song). … 01_vbr.mp3
Here’s some more banter, this is from the Oct.15th show in Boston (this banter is actually pretty funny…FYI the person he is referring to at the end as old school is Ginger) … 08_vbr.mp3
This is some banter from when they played in Sweden, it’s great stuff. I love some of his banter. … 15_vbr.mp3

Aside from the entertaining banter the shows sound great and I would recommend that you guys try and hear as much of the shows as you can. I’m ecstatic that they started playing STRTJ, LMGTWTY, WBFTT, etc. again.