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just started to listen and have a lot of reviews to do and other work, so haven’t had a chance to dive into this amazing treasure trove because it is so much this time around…

however, remarkable >
Disc 3: In a State of Passage
07. What If? (Streeterville Demo) > stunning song!!!!
10. The Ethers Tragic (Instrumental/ 2014 Mix/ CRC Demo) > very nice insight into the building of the Batman tracks
11. The Guns of Love Disastrous (Instrumental/ 2014 Mix/ CRC Demo)
15. For Martha (Take 1/ CRC Demo)
18. For Martha (Take 2/ Instrumental/ CRC Demo) > both are amazing!!!!

Disc 4: Chalices, Palaces and Deep Pools
01. For Martha (Symphonic Snippet/ Instrumental) > a nice, the electric solo part layer!!!
02. Crestfallen (Matt Walker Reimagined/ 2014) > superb remix!
08. Eye (2014 Mix/ From the ‘Lost Highway’ Soundtrack) > amazing remix, much more depth!
09. Saturnine (For Piano and Voice) > meh, pretty damn awful true demo, loads of work to be done there… :)
10. Cash Car Star (Matt Walker Reimagined/ 2014) > damn, loads of work needed to be done there, luckily it was done later :)
12. Perfect (No Strings Version) > very dry version, a brilliant song, love this sparse take
15. Indecision (Sadlands Demo) > uhm, why? BC tinkering with electronics without the assistance of Bon Harris and Bjorn, kinda cute…

Disc 5: Malice, Callous and Fools
01. Let Me Give the World to You (Adore Outtake) > brilliant song, just doesn’t fit on the album in any concievable way as far as I am concerned…agree with BC, might have been a nice stand alone single, does have a feel quite like Untitled…
02. Tear (From Digital Transfer) > massive!
03. Cross (Adore Outtake) > features some nice cross overs into Glass & The Ghost Children meets Eye… ;)
04. Because You Are (Adore B-Side) > LOUD!

more to follow at the Listening Party :) :) :)