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There are still a few vinyls to upload (2 TEITBITE’s, some Zwan) and quite some CD’s also (Catherine, few more radio CD’s) but it will take a few weeks to have them on the site… because I’m gonna have a break till October 25, to go on a holidy with my girlfriend. :D

From my side I want to thank all people that helped and were involved with this last part of the vinyl section. There are still a few more vinyls to discover (some testpressings, Gish US release, for example) but at least we now have a nice bunch of vinyl in the Collection. I specifically want to put a little spotlight on Jeroen and Sven, they took a lot of effort to help SPfreaks out on the vinyl section. Thanks again guys!

Meanwhile the US webmaster is very busy on a project (not SPfreaks-related :wink: ) till somewhere in November. It might be getting a bit webmaster-quiet here (though I will try to post on the forum if possible), so please do make a mess here, ladies and gentlemen… :P (did I just say \"do\"? hmmm…)

See ya!

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