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Wow, amnesia, calm down…..

First, I don’t believe I cried about people stealing items under the table. I did post a tread wondering who got the items: machina promo, GH promo, and a Zeitgeist promo. One of which I did obtain through a website called So please don’t point your finger my way; I have been honest when you PM’d me and told you about the one I did get.

Second, stealing would not be the word I would use, but to each their own. It happens all the time and I did it twice (Untitled + Machina II tracks and Les Inedits De Aeroplane Flies High).

Final, Yes it seems it is the only way I can win, LOL. When new collectors enter the market and start buying up everthing at any cost you have to find ways to score a win once in a while. It is amazing that a person collecting for 2 years has so many great items and the few a 13 plus year collector needs are going for outragous prices. No complaints, just do what I can.

I am glad to see others pay close attention to my collection, but sorry to hit a nerve.