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I’ve seen an identical-looking CD for sale before, possibly from France. I doubt it’s a one-off on this occasion. I’ll be bold and say I’ve seen at least two others; one from a website that might have been Germany-based.

Waffle time, ignore me. :) :wink:

For myself, I disagree with buying things from an eBayer while the auction’s live. Pre-sale or after a failed sale attempt, then fair enough. Somebody’s selling, so why not buy fair and square.

Maybe 1% of my items were bought on eBay, the last was that TW Promo in another thread, prior to that I can’t even remember.

I suppose it depends how important collecting is to the individual.

I’ve been at the point for some time where I simply can’t compete with other people now, so slowly pick up treats here and there. If it’s any comfort at all, I’m just interested in main CD and vinyl releases now, nothing ‘exotic’ as such. I tend to be interested in TW and James Iha, as SP goes there’s not really much hope for me at this point. Such is life. Over time the soreness has healed and I’m grateful for what I do own.

Agreed, Ayoe makes a fair point.

It’s a big \"hmm\" for me. I’ll also say that whoever bids highest, deserves to win the item… Whereas I also agree with EAZYE121’s sentiment about the youngsters (or however to term them) buy stuff like crazy and wildly.

I just hope you guys and guysesses do gain the goodies yer want, reading other sites there’s been some really shitty practices going on to secure an item. Sad.

Anyway, I’m off to a Funeral tomorrow, I doubt the sweet lady we’re saluting would give a crap about items ya can’t take with you. :P

Rawk awn.