Reply To: Untitled + Machina II tracks CD-R Promo

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I compared the two tracks with every known version of Machina II, and Real Love also to the version that was released on Rotten Apples.

I easily came to the conclusion that both tracks on your cd-r are sourced from the \"Virgin promo\" version of Machina II. The only big difference is that the very beginning of Cash Car Star seems to be missing on your cd-r. (Or is it at the end of the previous track, maybe?)

Anyway, this doesn’t help us any further if we’re discussing how \"real\" this cd-r is. If it actually was a Virgin promo, it makes sense that they’d use the same source they used for the Machina II promo cd-rs. On the other hand, this doesn’t prove anything: anyone can have downloaded the Virgin promo source at some point during the last years and created his own little cd-r…

Could be both, really.
My main issue with this cd-r is that it doesn’t make much sense to me.

Can you share a rip of Untitled maybe? I wonder what that track looks like.