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a couple more :) >
Disc 5: Malice, Callous and Fools
08. Blissed and Gone (Drone Version) > meh, didn’t just click with this song is my guess, so many versions tried and tested…
09. Heaven (Instrumental/ Sadlands Demo) > bloody great rocking song; never heard anything like this before from the Adore-sessions era…
10. Daphne Descends (Matt Walker Reimagined/ 2014) > supreme version; my preferred version; epic and highly digitally enhanced with lots of extra layers brought out – a true stunner!!! I would not mind the least bit to hear the whole album redone / remixed by Matt – the Nitzer Ebb-beat (slightly Front 242-ish) is menacing here!
11. Saturnine (Matt Walker Reimagined/ 2014) > moving further into gothic territory, gets pretty close to the Batman-songs; futurtistic rock galore, quite haunting and pounding – again: supreme version; my prefeered version and I can very much so see this work on a dark / gothic / wave dance night dance floor – vocals very much up front and direct; would have been a smashing single and only now it occurs to me how akin this song is to Ava Adore, like sonic siblings… :) :)