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First update since a lot happened this week.

Managed to talk to a radio DJ that interviewed the band/Billy Corgan several times:

1991 Ein Abend In Wien Festival, in the hotel where the band stayed
1993 At the VPRO sessions in June, when they played Dancing In The Moonlight (D’Arcy asked if she could change clothes with her, which she refused! :lol: )
1998 backstage Pinkpop Festival, when Billy was acting very childish and stupid, which she blamed him for…

Also spoke with 1 of the initiators of the Ein Abend In Wien Festival (the first gig SP played outside US/Canada). He provided me with tons of scans of Festival material, that indicates in which hotel + room numbers the band stayed with their manager Andy Gershon and engineer Tom Fabjance, which bus they took to the airport etc. Also a lot of newspaper articles about the Festival where SP is mentioned. Next to that, I managed to find the promotional CD \"Ein Abend In Wien\" that was released just before the Festival, but SP is not on it.

The Doornroosje Nijmegen gig turned out to be a myth, created by some people of the venue. There is mentioned on several places that SP played in Doornroosje \"before they were a wellknown band\", but I talked to 3 different people (2 ex-employees, 1 current employee, amongst them the music programmer of the 1980-1990 era) and ALL of them admit that it is a mistake, or mixup with another SP gig in another venue (most probably Effenaar Eindhoven), that was promoted in the Doornroosje programme book. Luckily, the SP-gig-that-never-happened-after-all was not mentioned in the Doornroosje 40 Years Anniversary Book that was released last year. But the Dutch Wikipedia ( ) and several news pages ( … Jaar_2010/ ), still mention it. Myth busted!

On a sidenote, Billy did not make many friends in Holland in the early days. I talked to many people so far, and quite a few of them remember him as a \"nasty and ego\" guy, so to say. :lol:

Keep you posted.

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."