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this is what i remember from the interview – probably not entirely correct, and only a part of it:
– this [adore] is a very personal record
– nah, people think it is, but it’s more like a record for the world
– but some songs are about the death of your mother, that’s very personal
– i don’t know what to say to that

– how do you write a song?
– well, i go over to james’ and first we have a coffee and a tea, and then i give him a massage and then we start talking. about anything. …
– but i mean, was it different for this album than for the previous ones?
– oh, i see. yeah. (+ typical answer about writing and recording a song on the same day)

– i don’t believe you
– that’s ok, i don’t believe you.
– ok, what do you wanna talk about?
– jet airplanes, … (more random stuff)

so yeah, he was being a bit of an ass that day.
james also said a couple of words, but not much. he tried to be funny, but i think he failed.