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I dont really get what you mean by not acting 40?
should he be collecting stamps from the various countries or something whilst on his world tour ???

In general I think people get to a ‘final’ (sort of) maturity mid 20’s and your personality doesnt really change much after. Obviously this is completely down to individual circumstances (lol Keith richards etc etc)!
It only much latter (say late 50’s for arguments sake) that people change again, but this is more down to physical changes putting more restrictions on your lifestyle.

I remember thinking 30 was old when I was in my teens, but now im 30 now I still feel as young and mature in myself as I did when I was 24.

Saying that, thiers no substitute for experience and If I regret one thing, its not listening to those older than myself.

BTW im seriously considering the bald look myself now that my hair is starting to think out way too much for my liking…..LOL