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pffffft superlord hard to answer… the magic of that part to me is i could never explain what he meant thats why i love it[/quote:1o04cn2t]

it’s intriguing that you say that. as a non-Christian, i just found it amusing. When Billy was dating Yelena and even through the TFE tour, he most definitely went back and forth on the subject. He definitely believed in something but he called it \"The Divine\" or something close to that. Now it seems he’s gone back to his traditional Christian roots, not just from the Zero thing but from a lot of Zeitgeist he uses the word God.

Funny since his supposed \"wife\" claims she is a Buddhist (and that is probably the only thing that has come out of her mouth that I would believe). I know a little off topic — but she now claims \"Stellar\" was written for her.

Thanks for answering me regarding my confusion on $$. I wasn’t thinking about them looking for stuff like that, I guess I was thinking more like someone doing damage control for the band. A publicity rep.

As usual — we never really know what he means but still love what he says.

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