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Yeah… it’s amazing how things work out for the absolute best in the end :)

Shall this turn into a thread about how we became hardcore fans? I think it will.

Mines somewhat similar. In about 2005/06, kerrang! TV did a 100 best videos thing. Tonight Tonight was on there… and really interested me. Aaages later (like… 2007) kerrang! TV would do weekly, 30 minute slots where they’d play videos by one band. And i saw SP’s one (by this time had developed an interest in the band purely through Tonight Tonight) and yeah, the vids interested me.

When i finally got the internet, youtube was my port of call. I watched loads of SP vids, and developed favourites. I remebered that kerrang! magazine had done a \"Where to start with Smashing Pumpkins\" article ages back, so i dug it up and read it. Shortly after, i ordered Siamese Dream and MCIS off of And that’s where it kicked off proper…


So apparently I don't post very often these days