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wow, i really feel like an oldie next to you two (but not by too much)…..way back in 1996 i heard bwbw for the first time, and i was like wow, this is what music is suposed to sound like, beautiful, angry, that voice, i was in heaven. so i went out and bought mcis, and then gish, and sd, and pi, and then vinyl when i could, my room became wall to wall sp. i recorded bwbw, and 1979 vids off of the tv and watched them alot, (no youtube back in the stone age), and then i had to buy veiwphoria and watch it all the time, and make my friends watch it, even against thier will, cause at the time, they were very tired of hearing all about the pumpkins. at 16 was when it all started, and even though i am older now thier music may take on a diffrent meaning for me, but i still feel all the power that comes through the speakers, and i can escape for a while, and have the most beautiful soundtrack to my life.

sp changed my life for the better, and i would not like to know what my life would be like without them. i compare all other music to them, they are the standard. and i am proud to say that i have brought others over to the orange side.

so that is the condensed version of my story………………………..

"shiny, let's be bad guys"--jayne cobb-the hero of canton