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it’s like this
the disc was made in france
that what is says on my copy too, bought on the day of release
manufactured there, ok, that’s cool
delabel is a french subsidiary of hut in a way – dunno how exactly, but in a way
so delabel does the promotion for hut in france
now for a major release like mcis you’ll have to have multiple pressing plants to get the discs out there
so the european one was pressed/made in france
printed in holland (wasn’t it?)
and assembled god knows where
just try to check where ‘in rainbows’ was made for example – multiple pressing plants all over the world, a factory/publishing company for the booklets and hardback book, a pressing plant for the vinyl or better: several for these numbers so…
it was convenient to make this thing in france
and so it says
and delabel does the french promo
but doesn’t release
because it doesn’t hold release rights to the recordings
those are with Virgin and/or HUT
so well yeah – have the shit manufactured where you wanna – it’s still a release under Virgin and/or HUT
as delable doesn’t as far as i know hold any commercial release rigths to any of the Pumpkins catalogue
there will never be a commercial delabel release as such
those commercial rights are held by Virgin and/or HUT
and for promotional reasons i can see and understand a ‘license’ (not technically) to delabel
to promote the material in an orderly and local and eloquent fashion
but that doesn’t give delabel the right to release anything under their label
under these contracts at least

so yeah – delabel promo’s sure and awesome most of the time
commercial delabel releases, nope; these are controlled and held by Virgin and/or HUT