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Since there is some confusion about the points being given, a little extra information.

Each individual judge takes a top 10 within each of the 8 categories, for example Bumper Stickers. There are 35 entries in the category Bumper Stickers, so it is already very hard to enter the top 10. Then the judge decides who gets 1 point, who gets 2 points, etc. up to who gets the 10 points. Like this 25 entries get 0 points, the top 10 of Bumper Stickers is getting points between 1 and 10. Then the judge works his way through the other 7 categories in the same way.

And that is why some members receive 0 points for their complete entries, when not any of their submission(s) within a certain category is mentioned in the top 10 of that category. Someone with 13 points for example can have 9 points for the Poster and 2 points for a certain Badge/Pin/Pass and another 2 points for the Setlist. The other 5 entries (the other 2 Badges, 1 Flyer, 1 Bumper Sticker and 1 Shirt) of this member did not reach the top 10 within its category at the same time.

Anyway, how do we get to 440 points then? The total points to give away for each judge for the category Bumper Stickers is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55, as explained above. And since there are 8 categories, each judge has 8 times 55 points = 440 points to give away. Hopefully you understand now!

And remember, as the other 3 judges can have completely different points of view, the whole scheme including the top 5 can dramatically change after the scores of each judge are known. Let’s wait for them!

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