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On Sven wrote:

just my 2 cents-

Arhtur’s copy to me is genuine one-

The other copy is a bootleg-

Anyone could have found either a real promo or a good rip or anything (heck: I had the show from the promo pretty soon after the release of the promo)….

This was a Radio Promo (and give-away) in Mexico-
In really limited numbers; you just don’t DO 2 different versions as far as I am concerned….

Either one is real-
Apart from Shawn’s copy I think I’ve seen one other one just the same once, somewhere…

I’d say Arthur’s/Shawn’s copy is the real deal…
The rest nudges towards a knock-off like with Earphoria et al….

Might be wrong- just my 2 cents and gut-feeling about this now—-