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The unnumbered copies (but with an empty white box! otherwise it’s a fake) are the second pressing of the album. The first pressing was numbered and limited, but we’ve seen numbers as high as 23,000, so they’re not as rare as you might expect. The unnumbered version seems harder to find, so we assume it’s rarer.

About the number 1,916: ok, that’s lower than most, knowing that it goes up to 20,000 and more, but it’s still a high number. No need to wee your pants here.

There’s this rumour that everything under 5,000 is from the very first pressing, and then the higher numbers are from another run, which makes the lower numbers more collectible for some, but I think that’s incorrect.
What I think has happened is this: the MCIS vinyl was announced to be released, limited and numbered. The first announcements mentioned 5,000 copies, later mentioned 10,000 or so, and then, when the vinyl finally got released (I believe there might have been some delays), even higher numbers showed up.
In short: these low pressing numbers were only mentioned before they started pressing them. Once they finally started producing the numbered vinyls, they made a lot more, all at the same time. Only later (two years later), they made more copies, now leaving the white box empty.

Looks like tells a similar story: … scog_id=18

# The 3LP version of MCIS was originally solicited in February of 1996 as a limited-to-5000, numbered edition. When it was finally released in April, it was allegedly limited to 15,000. Since that time, numbers above 18,000 have been confirmed, leaving open the question of how many copies were actually pressed.
# In late 1998, the MCIS 3LP was repressed. The new pressing is unnumbered (leaving the number box empty), and the sleeve is made of flimsier material. [/quote:1oftlmc2]