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I showed my contact in Taiwan this topic and he responded like this.

\"Hi Arthur,

I love to explain relationship between Taiwan and China mainland on your forum, but unfortunately, my English writing ability is not good enough. :(

We call ourself ‘Republic of China’ (ROC), but nobody knows ROC except us, as for Taiwan, when I backpacked travelled in Europe years ago, people asked me where I’m from, they always said ‘Yeah, Thailand! I know’ when I replied I’m from Taiwan.

Anyway, please check the link if you’re interested in knowing a bit more about Taiwan,

I cannot call myself SP fan, but I like their music.

Attached pics are scanned from a 300-page book talking about altenative music published in 2000. Meanwhile, I have some Taiwan magazines, perhaps there’re some other articles, if I find something related to SP, I’ll email you. As for Stigmata, I have another brand new sealed copy as attached pics.


Though I tried to convince Ed that his English is perfect for our board with some other Asians posting too, he wishes to stay a bit in the shade. Respect Ed! Meanwhile you can read his linked info about Taiwan/China.

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