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My final reaction to this subject here:

Every topic can be discussed on the SPfreaks Forum, and as many times people like. When people that are collecting Smashing Pumpkins releases start threads about the new Zeitgeist DVD more than 1 time, but always from a (slightly) different angle, we are just fine with it. Go ahead, and have fun. Same for the subjects around the bandmembers lovelife, when it is public info anyway. But… Always with respect to the people we are talking about, as they are just as human as we all are. Anyhow, it’s free to post any topics on the proper forum (we got 5 here, for different subjects), and it’s free to reply (or not).

The rules of how we members treat each other here on the boards have been made very clear already a few times, and just shouting \"something\" like YESH did, has nothing to do with a mature and respectful discussion. Off you go YESH. The other SPfreaks webmaster was 100% right to delete this new member. I happen to know a forum where his attitude is probably more in place, and it’s certainly not this one.

We are, of course, not afraid of bad words. \"I wished Billy said Fuck You to Reprise Records\" could be a reply somewhere in a thread. \"Fuck You (for posting this topic)\" on the other hand will not be tolerated. Strong opinions like \"Do you really think it makes sense to post about this subject over and over again? I strongly do not think so. You should leave it.\" are far more appropriate.

Happy posting guys :P

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."