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as for why there are EU and US pressings of this boxset, what does that suggest to you? to me, it suggests the first two reissues did well enough to warrant this. not to mention the extra EU vinyl (is there one for pisces? maybe i’m only thinking of oceania). i guess EMI got what they wanted in the end, and with pisces, decided to mass produce just a tad more because the demand/interest/money was there.

the first releases were a shot in the dark. i.e. pressed in MX.

but, i do find it a little strange that after visiting best buy today, no box set, no standard US CD. dunno, maybe they were sold out, but i honestly can’t see that being the case. i went in weeks after the release of gish/siamese dream and everything was just sitting there. same thing today, just, no pisces.

i’m also curious if this cassette was exclusive to SPRC or if it is contained in the standard US release. it’s probably in all the deluxe editions, but it was not presented clearly. with this release, the only reason i bought through topspin was so i wouldn’t miss out on the cassette. (which i already had anyway) ;)

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