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It’s a UK subway poster, rather widely available still. MonteLDS has 1 also if I’m right, but it could be a smaller version also. The frame is actually about ten times the price of the poster. :wink: But yeah, it’s huge, quite an eyecatcher in the hallway now. My girlfriend suggested we should have a special Smashing Pumpkins music room when we move to another house in 2008/2009! :lol:

My most precious things on the pic are actually quite small, it are the 2 smaller posters on top of the b/w TAFH poster. On the right a priceless 1991 Cabaret Metro poster ( … &item=1032 ), on the left an astonishing beautiful, numbered (2/3) pic of Billy Corgan during a 1991 Canadian concert. It’s the most awesome pic of Billy I have ever seen. And I’m kinda proud of the 2 sales awards also of course, especially the TAFH one. And I just have to mention the b/w framed Metro ad (taken from a Chicago newspaper) on the left back side also, about the Metro thanking SP for 13 incredible years in 2000. It’s got a sky-high emotional value.

When will we see pics of your collection Cool As Ice Cream? Same for Sven, jgfox, manillascissor, toad32r and others? I’m sure they will be just awesome also, and will beat my pic hands down. 8)

Billy Corgan, December 2, 2008 : "Not everyone understands our death trip. But you do. And that's what matters."