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@Sven: I’ll try to find that Today version you mentioned (or can you send it to me, maybe?), but for the moment I have an acoustic version (with cello!!!) from 1993 on top of the list. Not to be missed also I think. I Am One metal version was already included in a previous SPfreaks release, so… And I have found a cool Pissant rant version, also an I Of The Mourning with rant, so I think that will be nice to include also. Furthermore, I have 2 By Starlight versions at the moment, 1 early version from February 1995, and a slower version from UK 1997. I’ll compare it with the GM Place version, OK?

@some pumpkins: I have several versions of Mayonaise on my list (what date is yours? I downloaded it from there, but it doesn’t provide that info…), and also a cello version of Starla from 1993. That acoustic version of Starla from London 1993 is cool also, indeed… I have put it on my longlist as we speak! :D

General note, I have set the deadline for Saturday, November 28 for the upload including new artwork! 8)

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