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how we came unto this recording is quite an adventure in and of itself… :)
somewhere back in 96 or 97 i stumbled upon a site from a British guy. he listed a lot of live recordings by quite an array of different acts. loads of dates were off therein.
however: he did list the 93 Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL show, one in London (Town and Country Club I think it was) and the Kleine Markthalle show.
he didn’t trade. he did sell though. this was ‘not-done’ per se in trading cycles, but somehow i thought: what the heck? and went along and bought the discs and the video tape. these turned to be correctly labelled. these were until then not circulated or found recordings. especially the show from Kleine Markthalle proved to be a gem due to the first known performance of Today. the performance from Utrecht is pretty cool too.
it was somewhat a shot in the dark to buy these recordings, running the risk of these being mislabelled and all, but it turned out great. some copies were made quite a bit later and then the recordings spread further. i haven’t seen the video up anywhere though.
i can’t remember correctly, but i think the guy told me he used to work for bands or had a friend or friends or collegues who did and that was how he got a hold of these recordings.
it was just pure chance i stumbled unto his site and found these… :)

here is a cool review, in German:

EDIT!!! > i just found the cd!!!:)

damn: this Today is just so AWESOME!!! the recording might be below par, the performance of this song, even back then; it’s just amazing… if you haven’t heard this before, you’re in for a treat: hearing the first known performance of Today, THE HIT SINGLE, just blows my mind, even now, again…. :)
plus: like i said… all of BCs stories of how he came home from the Gish tours and lived in a crappy place and the label demanding a hit and him writing this at his lowest of lows… hmmm… doesn’t quite add up, does it, dude??? :)