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Hi hbent! Glad you found your way to our forum already, I was about to invite you here. We have been emailing around already a bit the last few days, but to discuss here on the forum works better indeed. Be welcome!

As Cool As Ice Cream already states, highly interesting questions. We know there are second and multiple pressings of many cds, and hbent already figured 1 of them out, which is Lull (mentioned and linked to by Cool As Ice Cream also). I corrected this to 1994 on SPfreaks only yesterday, for your information, based on what hbent told me in his emails.

Also hbent send in a long email about many different tour shirts and their date/era, they have been corrected on SPfreaks also. The pics you send in (and are going to send in) will be on SPfreaks, no doubt hbent! Thanks!

I’m hoping this post leads to many new uploads and even better info on existing entries on SPfreaks. Go ahead guys!

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