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Yes, we are getting really detailed here. I definitely have too much time on my hands :-)

[url:40evzbzi][/url:40evzbzi] has solved, in a rather ugly way, the Nimbus problem. Turns out Nimbus had locations in the US AND the UK, so \"MASTERED BY NIMBUS\" really can’t be counted on to give geographical information. Sigh. Though I am now tempted to think that the 1st pressing US Lull is 100% US.

BTW, EMI JAX being in the US means that the 2nd pressing I Am One single is also a 100% US release. There may be more corrections to be made based on the location of JAX but I haven’t sat down to check through them. Here’s a link for EMI SWINDON: [url:40evzbzi][/url:40evzbzi]. Anything made there is definitely UK. EMI UDEN is NL, and I think that covers the EMI plants.