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Some people have mentioned that there are problems with side A and side B of their US vinyl copy.
I personally don’t hear anything wrong with my copy, but apparently not all copies have problems. Or maybe it depends on what record player you play it?

Anyway, something interesting came up on the messageboard recently. Someone contacted A&R, and got in touch with Stan Getz, the guy who did the vinyl mastering. … t&p=782864

I decided to email A&R to ask about the issue and if I could provide a recording to demonstrate. Stan took the time to write back to me with some info. Hopefully he won’t mind me sharing the response with everyone.

Thank you very much for the e mail,and I truly thank you for the offer.
We re cut master lacquers and dropped the overall level 3~4 db to try to make it "Bullit Proof"a while back.
It is really a great box set,and his upcomming stuff Rocks.
Thanks Again ,
All Best,

I then asked him if there was any way to decipher the updated copy on the outside packaging. Here’s what he said.

As far as I know,the packaging is all the same.
The re cut was on Disc 1,and the way to tell is by the matrix .
After the matrix number it is scribed with Disc 1 – Ax1 on the A side and Disc 1 – Bx1 on the B side.

Based on this, it seems like there is a second version out there. Can anyone who has purchased recently take a look at their A&B for the different marking?
I’m a bit suspicious, but if this is true, there’s a second pressing of the US mcis reissue on vinyl, where they adapted the volume on the first disc. The only way to tell the difference is looking at the matrix codes on side A and side B of the first disc. These now end in "x1".

Let’s keep an eye on this.
Can anyone who didn’t buy their US vinyl copy around the release date check their copy and see if it has the updated matrix code on the first disc? Thanks.