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I couldn’t resist ressurrecting this ‘old’ thread, as I’m 36.5 at Xmas and boyyy, does it seem like 25 was yesterday. :(

Recently, I decided to kill some working time by playing Yahoo! Pool against whoever.

Canadian Girl: \"A/s/l?\"
Moi: \"36,m,uk.\"
CG: \"Wow, that’s old!\"
Moi: \"To play Pool?\"
CG: \"People like you shouldn’t be on the Internet!\"
Moi: \"Human beings, you mean?\"

She left after that, ironically I then scrapped with a 21 y/o who said: \"It’s nice speaking with someone who knows what manners are.\"


Surely 85+ y/o is… Old. :?:

Never thought I’d say it, so I’ll say it: Age really is just a number. :)