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for some strange reason i just re-read and re-read and re-read this tonight :)

Arthur > awesome interview!!! especially with John :)

great info, great read…

brings back loads of memories to the day a friend called me with the news, failed to get tickets, took a train back home and with some mates huddling in my parent’s living room with some beers and listening to the radio; glued to the radio even! for old times’ sake, so to speak :)
owww… those were great memories and though i’d seen TSP that year, then and there i made the resolution not to miss a Dutch show or a major special show again… :) oh well, dunno if this resolution panned out to perfection, but at least i tried my utmost best, since :)

the announcement was a TRUE shocker; really!!! totally unexpected.
just like when i went to my local record store with my best friend, saw TSP confirmed as headliners for Pukkelpop, came home, got an OK from my parents to go, called him and another best friend and we KNEW we would be going :)
out of the blue on just some standard ‘dull’ Saturday afternoon :)